Claim Your $25 Now By Following This Simple Process Of Sign Up On Website airdrop xlm

Introduction Of Blockchain Info Airdrop

If you are a subscriber then you knows that we explain here genuine sources of online earning. We test these sources first then only after we explain these sources here.

So that we can provide you more value and also save your time to research online.

So today in this article we are going to explain a most exciting airdrop which give you $25 of earning online. You just need to follow simple step by step process to claim your $25 reward.

All of these steps we have explained below in this article with screen shot,

Follow The Steps To Claim $25

(1) Go To and sign up for it. Sign UP For

Blockchain Info Airdrop

(2) Now you need to enter your email password and confirm password as shown below in screen shot,  sign up

(3) Now a Email ID verfication mail will be sent to you then login to your email and verify it. Your Wallet ID will be indicated below this email.  verify email

(4) Now Login to your account using your wallet ID (mentioned in verification email) and password as shown below in screen shot,  sign in

(5) Now go to your Dashboard then click in upper bar Claim Your XLM Now as shown below in screen shot.

claim XLM $25

(6) Now complete your profile and follow the process verify your Face and National ID to claim your $25 XLM.

(7) After completing the verification process you will get the email that your verification is under review as mentioned below,  verification

(8) It takes near about 4 days to complete the verification process. After that you will get and email that your ID have verified.  verified

(9) Then you will get this email that $25 XLM coin is ready to distribute for you as mentioned below in screen shot,

blockchain info  XLM Airdrop

(10) After sometime your $25 XLM coin will be credited into your account as shown screen shot of email below,

blockchain info  XLM Airdrop

(11) Now you have received your $25 XLM coin which you can send to any cryptocurrency exchange and withdraw into your Fiat Money like INR , USD and GBP etc.

What Is ? is very famous and very old cryptocurrency wallet site. Which support different crypto currencies like Bitcoin , Bitcoin Cash , DASH and Steller XLM Coin.

This site is trusted by various cryptocurrency holders and traders. Bitcoin Traders and cryptocurrency experts store their cryptocurrency here because it provides the private key of wallet.

You always need to have private key of wallet in which you store your cryptocurrency. So that you can recover your wallet on any other platform.

What Is XLM ?

XLM is a ticker symbol for Steller cryptocurrency. So steller cryptocurrency is indicated by XLM. It is one of the Alt Coins. Where Alt coins are known as alternate coins of bitcoin.

Steller is very old and very famous coin. It is trusted by large number of cryptocurrency holders and traders. Steller have signed up contract with various large companies.

So XLM itself is a cryptocurrency like bitcoin. Which you can hold in your personal cryptocurrency wallet or in any trusted cryptocurrency Exchange wallet.

These cryptocurrency exchanges can be Binance , Bittrex and Poloniex etc.

How Long XLM Coin Takes to Credit ?

It takes near about 4 days after submitting your ID verification to So if your ID is verified then after sometime these coin automatically credited into your account.

Which you can check by logging into your account.

Can I Withdraw XLM Coin Immediately ?

YES !!! Why not. Once your $25 XLM coin gets credited into your account then you can easily withdraw it.

You can withdraw your complete $25 XLM coin immediately.

Is This A Airdrop ?

YES !!! This is the cryptocurrency airdrop. Actually Cryptocurrency companies does the airdrop of coins free of cost into the users wallet time to time.

So it is win win situation. The cryptocurrency users gets the reward and companies gets the marketing of coin.

There are lot of other coins available in the cryptocurrency market they also do the airdrop. Where we need to follow just a simple task and you can get money free of cost.

Why They Do Blockchain Info Airdrop ?

These companies do so there are various reason. Like If your coin is new then it will be known by various cryptcurrency investers and traders.

This can be called as marketing of coin. Where cryptocurrency companies needs not to invest in marketing of coin. They directly do the airdrop for users. Which make their coin famous in a small period of time.

So that large number of subscribers will get to know their coin. Then a trust is build with people for coin. Which makes people to take more interest in the coin.

Then if cryptocurrency users like their roadmap or project. Then they can do the investment in this cryptocurrency. Which increases the rate of this particular cryptocurrency.

So these companies generates the fund for their project. Because large number of investors then started to take interest in the project.

Conclusion Of Blockchain Info Airdrop

conclusion xlm airdrop claim

As we have discussed above is very repudiated website in terms of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Traders and Investors believe on this website very much. They store their cryptocurrency here.

Right now cryptocurrency market is the emerging market so there is huge amount of money. New companies are doing giveaway of coins or we can say air drop of their new coins.

There are lot of other air drops available in the market. In which some are valuable while others are not that much valuable. We explain here only valuable air drops so that we can save our subscribers time and money.

If you still want to know more giveaway or airtdrops in this market then BAT TOKEN is also a good option for you to make money online.

BAT Token is known as basic attention token it is a cryptocurrency. How can you make money by using this BAT Token then Click Here.

One more thing do not forget to comment below in this article that how many of you guys have claimed their XLM token and get credited in the account.

If you have any kind of problem in this Blockchain Info Airdrop then also comment below in this article. We will reply you and clear your all confusion.

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