How To Buy Bitcoin Securely For Newcomers Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card Debit Card

how to buy bitcoin


If you are reading this article then most probability you are new to buy bitcoin.

So if you are new then you are on right place today. Because in this article we will discuss step by step process of buying bitcoins. Also there are some security tips which you need to follow before buying bitcoins.

We will explain all the security process which we can follow to be secure from our end to Buy Bitcoin.

So lets get started,

Step By Step Secure Process To Buy Bitcoin

how to buy bitcoin process

(1) Make your new fresh Email ID (which can be Gmail ID or your custom domain name ID preferred) and Enable Two Factor Authentication on this email id.

(2) Sign Up with that newly generated email id on the cryptocurrency exchange. These cryptocurrency exchange mentioned below,

Wazirx (India Based) (Recommended)

Bittrex  (International) (Recommended)

Binance (International)

Coinbase  (US & Canada)

Coinsqure (US & Canada)

If you are from india then go for Wazirx otherwise you can go for international cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex.

Security Tip : Use only authorized links only to access cryptocurrency exchanges as mentioned above. If someone finds exchange name on google by its name then there can be a vulnerability. Because google runs the ads above search results which are third party ads. By clicking on that you can go on other similar sites. Where you enter your login details and can lost BTC.

(3) After successful sign up on cryptocurrency exchange first enable Two factor authontication to login this cryptocurrency exchange.

(4) Then verify your account by uploading proper identity or documents. Remember do not upload fake ID on cryptocurrency exchanges that can be a big mistake for your future transitions.

(5) After successful verification now you can buy bitcoins with cryptocurrency exchangess as per their process.

(6) Now you can trade bitcoins on exchanges securely. Also do not share this email id everywhere. Also use this email id for bitcoins transitions only.

So this is all about the step by step process to enter the cryptocurrency exchanges. Now further we will explain how you can buy bitcoins on wazirx exchange,

What Is Bitcoin Explained In Brief here

How To Buy Bitcoin On Wazirx Exchange

wazirx exchange buy bitcoin process
sign up for wazirx exchange to buy bitcoin

(1) After logging in first go to FUNDS and select INR then press deposite as shown below in the screen shot,

buy bitcoin wazirx 1

(2) After that three options will be available select “Standard Deposit” or “Instant Deposite”. In our case we are selecting “Standard Deposit”.

buy btc wazirx inr deposit

(3) Here wazirx have given their payment detail you can do UPI or IMPS or NEFT select one in which you are comfort. Deposit your INR for which you want to buy bitcoins.

After that click add transition details,

buy btc wazirx 3

(4) Here mentioned your transition details what you have paid. Also provide them your 12 digit reference id.

buy bitcoin wazirx 4

(5) After sometime when deposit confirms. Then you can check in your INR deposit section what you have credited in your wazirx INR account.

Now after receiving the INR go to the Exchange and select INR tab and BTC/INR pair as mentioned below,

buy bitcoin wazirx 5

(6) At the right hand down side you will get the window to buy and sell the bitcoin as shown below in the screen shot,

buy bitcoin exchange script

Thus in this way you can trade bitcoin also can widraw INR into your local bank account.

How To Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card Or Debit Card

(1) After signing up on bittrex cryptocurrency exchange do the complete ID verficiation.

(2) Go to the HOLDINGS Tab as shown in the screen shot below,

buy bitcoin with credit card

(3) Now you can select Deposit by Credit debit card to buy bitcoin as shown in the screenshot below,

buy bitcoin with debit card

(4) Then after you need to select your currency in our case we are selecting the US Dollar as shown below,

buy bitcoin with credit card us dollar

(5) Now you need to enter the amount for which you want to buy bitcoin as shown below,

buy bitcoin with visa card

(6) Then enter your Credit Card or Debit Card details to make payment as shown below,

buy bitcoin with United State Dollar credit card information

Thus this is the easy to buy bitcoin with credit card or debit card from Bittrex Cryptocurrency exchange. If you have any problem then let us know in the comment box or whatsapp group.


Bitcoin buying and selling is very easy in india. If you will do it carefully then it can be very beneficial for you to make it active or passive source of income.

Wazirx and Bittrex both cryptocurrency exchanges are well known in this industry.

If you wants to have more security then do not put your assests in single exchange. You can also use some harware wallet to store your bitcoins more safe.

If you are in bitcoin industry then stay up to date for which you can also jon our LoginResearch Whatsapp Group.

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