Domain Name Research What Is Domain Name ? How To Develop Domain Name ?

domain name research

Introduction Of Domain Name Research

As we all knows internet industry is growing rapidly. With its digital marketing is also growing Because all the offline business are shifting online now. Which is necessary for growth of the businesses.

Internet makes things simpler than they are now. So we need to upgrade our business with the technology. Thus offline business are now having its identity over internet name as domain name.

So today in this article we will discuss what is domain name ? how to buy domain name and how to sell domain name ?

What is Domain Name ?

domain name research

As shown above in the figure (Domain Name Research) here is the Example of Domain Name for explained below,

Domain Name =

.Com = TLD =  Top Level Domain 

LoginResearch = SLD = Second Level Domain

www. = Sub Domain

https:// = Protocol

URL = Uniform Resource Locator = Protocol + Sub Domain + SLD + TLD


In very simple way a Website Name is called the Domain Name.

In Technical Words,

A Domain Name is an IP Address which represents your Electronic Identity over internet. So every domain name is unique and having its Unique IP Address.

Now for human being it is very hard to remember each different IP Address for each website.. That is why the term came Domain Name System. The Domain Name System convert your IP Address into the alphabets. Which is very easy to remember for human being.

Thus Domain Name represents the identity name of your website. So if you registering a domain name for your business then dont forget to do Domain Name Research.

Types Of Domain Names ?

domain name types

There are various kinds of domain names available. We have explained broadly in the following ways,

(1) Generic Domain Names

(2) Brandable Domain Names

(3) Numeric Domain Names


(1) Generic Domain Names

Generic domain names are called which is having meaning. just like,

In the above domain name there are two words each word is having some meaning. Login means to sign in somewhere or it is related to online industry.

While Reasearch is generic word which is having its own meaning according to dictionary.

So the whole term Login Research is having the meaning that login to this website to read online Researches.

for more information about this Click Here

(2) Brandable Domain Names

Brandable domain names are those domain names which are not having any meaning according to dictionary. These domain names just represent the name of your brand. So it is not necessary for a brand to have its meaning. Example of a brandable domain name is,

Where sedo is not having any kind of meaning according to English dictionary.

(3) Numeric Domain Names

Numeric domain names are those domain names which are having numbers in domain name for example,

This is having numbers only. Chinese community uses these numeric domain names widely. These domain names are also very expensive.

What Are Top Level Domain Names ?

top level domains domain name research

Here is the example of some Top Level Domain Names,

.COM , .IO , .UK , .US , .TV ,  .IN , .CO , .BIZ Etc.

Where .com domain name is most widely used domain name. But this kind of domain names are booked already. If you want to buy a good .com domain name then you need pay high to seller. So there are many other kinds of domain names available which you can register for your work or business.

.Com = Commercial Used

.Org = Non profit Organization Use

.Gov = Government Use

.Net = Commercial Institution Use

.Edu = Education Institution Use

.Biz = Business Use

.Mobi = Mobile Phones Use

.Name = Individual Use For Name

.Mil = Military Use

How To Develop Domain Name ?


Developing Domain Name term is referred to building website on that domain name. So if you want to develop your domain name then you need to have good hosting where you can host your website content.

We need to connect the domain name with hosting to build website. Then we need to write articles on website to develop it.

There are various hosting providers available from which you can buy hosting to develop your domain name. These hosting providers are mentioned below,




Our research recommend you to go for Bluehost hosting because it is very good, easy to install with good tech support team and competitive prices too. Bluehost is value for money hosting service.

How To Buy Domain Name ?

There are various marketplace from where you can buy a domain name. These marketplace are known as domain name registrar. We have mentioned below list of Domain Name Registrar,


Name Cheap


Fat Cow

You need to just type your desired domain name in the search bar of these websites and then press enter. If your domain name will be available then you can checkout with your required domain name.

You need to fill your details like name, address and phone number. It is recommended that fill your correct current details so that you will not face any issue with registrar in future.

After filling your details you need to mentioned for how long you wan to register this domain name. Generally people buy it for one year then they renew it year by year.

Before buying a domain name always do Domain Name Research that how much it can affect your business or how much brandability a domain name can provide you. So domain Name Research is very important part when you register a domain name.

How To Sell Domain Name ?

There are various marketplace available in domain name industry on which you can sell your domain name easily. Here is list of these domain name selling marketplaces,





Above mentioned domain name marketplace are used for buying and selling domain names. But these on these marketplace you can not buy a new domain name. You can buy only previously registered domain names.

Sedo is very good domain name marketplace to sell your domain names easily.

Conclusion Of Domain Name Research

conclusion of domain name research

A Domain Name is knows as your website name. It used to represent your brand or your business name. Most commonly and commercially used domain names are .com domain names. They are not that much expensive.

You are planning to build your bossiness then domain name plays a very important role in it. You should register your domain name relevant to your business. If it is not available in the .com top level domain then you can buy it from seller only if seller wants to sell it.

Otherwise you can go for .biz domain names. You also have one more option if you are having a technical business or tech related business then you can go for .IO Top Level domain names. Because these domain names are very easy to pronounce and short too.

Thus this is all about Domain Name Research !!!

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