How To Make Money On Youtube ? How To Earn Money From Youtube?

How To Make Money On Youtube


Although there are various ways to make money online. But in this article we are going to discuss about How To Make Money On Youtube ?.

It sounds good to make youtube videos online and earn money from youtube.. But is it really that much easy to make money videos on youtube and make money from it?

There are several questions which generate in our mind before you started to make videos. If you want to really make carrier in Youtubing then you are now at right place. Because in this article we will discuss should we start it? and if yes then how we can do that.

Should I Start My Carrier As Youtuber?

How To Make Money On Youtube

Researches indicates that online video consumption is increasing every year. As you can see people are studding online from youtube videos, Entertaining online from youtube videos and Sailing products online from youtube videos.

Every offline business have shifted online directly or indirectly. Even every blogger have its own youtube channel. Our research indicates that every person should have his own youtube channel from which he can show his talent to public and can generate passive income from youtube videos.

So why dont you?

You should make your youtube channel first and start uploading videos on youtube side by side of your study or job. See the response of your videos. How your youtube videos are performing. If your videos are performing well and you are statisfied with your youtube income then you should definately go for it.

 Otherwise give more time to youtube to rank your videos then you can shift yourself on youtube earning.

“Keep in mind one thing that it takes time to generate revenue from youtube videos”

How To Make Money On Youtube ?

How To Make Money On Youtube ways

You need to make video on daily basis on a particular subject which you chooses. The continue uploading of videos is the success key for making money on Youtube.

Follow these steps in which you will get to know How To Make Money On Youtube.

(1) First make a youtube account. Then create a channel with name you want.

(2) In your channel dashboard you will see a camera button as mentioned below in picture.

How To Make Money On Youtube ?.

(3) After clicking on this button you will get upload videos option. Then press that and it will open a new window as shown below in the image,

How To Make Money On Youtube

(4) Now you need to browse or drag and drop your recorded video which you want to upload. you can Shoot a good HD quality video with good sound from your smarphone or DSLR.

(5) Now you video will start uploading and it will take time depending upon you network speed and video length. While uploading your video you will get options to fill the full information about video and category etc.

(6) After successful upload youtube will process your video then you will get option of Publish. Press this publish button and now video is on youtube.

Keep in mind one thing that youtube have changed his policy recently to show ads on youtube videos. For a new youtube channel one have to get 1000 subscribers with 4000 hours of watch time. Then after he can monitize the videos.

If you are doing genuine work on youtube then will get reach this milestone quickly.

Now lets discuss sources of income from youtube videos,

(1) Adsense Ads

How To Make Money On Youtube ads

As we all knows youtube is a google’s product. So it supports hosted Google Adsense Account for youtube. During, begaining and inside your videos the adsense ads will be placed by youtube automatically.

You will make money from these ads. This ad program pay you money on two factors according to ad impressions and according to Clicks on ads.

It is known as adsense’s hosted account, It is not fully approved adsense account it is for use on youtube channel only.

(2) Direct Advertising

How To Make Money On Youtube direct advertising

If your youtube channel is working good and you are having more than 30,000 subscribers then brands contact you directly to promote their products on your youtube channel. For which they will pay you good amount of money. This is the main income source of youtubers.

To do the direct video advertising we need to mentioned in our video that this is sponsored video to youtube as well as subscribers for safety point of view of your youtube channel.

(3) Affiliate Marketing

How To Make Money On Youtube affiliate marketing

This is one of the best solution for youtuber to make money from youtube videos. Because a youtuber needs to make video on a particular product and then he needs to put its affiliate link in the description of youtube videos.

So if a viewer will watch this product video and he wants to buy that particular product then he will click the buy link available in the youtube video description. Then after he will be redirected to seller site like Amazon and Flipkart etc.

There are various affiliate companies which a youtuber joins are,







Youtube is a platform which one should start as part time and then if it suits him then he needs to do it as his full time profession. Because making money from youtube takes time and efforts. You need to take is seriously and needs to maintain the continuity of uploading videos.

To get good ranking of your youtube videos you need to fully optimize your videos as per SEO (Search Engine Optimization) point of view. Although content is king but your optimization boosts it. A great success in short period of time.

Many people makes youtube channel and then start uploading their videos regularly 1 month and 3 month. Then they see there is not a good response from youtube then they leave it. But our research says that if you have spend your 3 months in youtube and not getting good response then change your strategies to make videos by uploading your videos at right prime time and improving your video and voice quality.

“It is necessary for us to check  time to time success rate of our channels which helps us to catch the fault where we are doing before spending a long time with this fault”

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