How To Make Money With Bitcoin | Make Money WIth Bitcoin

How To Make Money With Bitcoin

How To Make Money With Bitcoin

How To Make Money With Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a Virtual Currency or a Crypto Currency used to make cross border transitions faster by reducing the transition cost. It was the original function of bitcoin.

But now the scenario is totally different. Because Bitcoin have now became a store of value. It is also called a Digital Gold. The people started to store it they didn’t use it for making the transitions. A physical gold takes lot of effort to move from one country to another country but it is not like that in case of bitcoin.

Bitcoin takes near about 10 minutes for every transition to be completed. It doesn’t matter how far is receiver from sender.

Although its value is increasing very fastly so people started to store and then they started to find How To make money with bitcoin. Which results generation of several idea for How To Make Money With Bitcoin.

So today in this article we will cover various way for how to make money with bitcoin. These ways to make money with bitcoin are as follows,

BTC USDT Trading On Exchanges

Make Money WIth Bitcoin

There are lot of bitcoin exchanges which supports USDT BTC pair for trading. Some of these exchanges are,

Binance (International)

Bittrex  (International)

Coinbase  (US & Canada)

Coinsqure (US & Canada)

“We recommended to use Binance.”

This pair is available on these exchanges. You need to just sign up for these exchanges and then verify you identity then send your bitcoins to these exchanges. Do not forget to very you ID before sending bitcoin on any exchange for security of your account. Also always enable Two Factor Authentication.

USDT is a stable currency its price does not changes much.

After sending your bitcoins you can trade with BTC USDT Pair. Like if bitcoin price is increasing then you need to have amount in bitcoin and if bitcoin price is decreasing then sell bitcoin and buy usdt. Then again buy bitcoin in low price and sell in high.

So you need to do trading in bitcoin exchanges so that you will better understand how to make money with bitcoin.

BTC Altcoin Trading On Exchanges

bitcoin altcoin trading

This is also a better option for to know how to make money with bitcoin. Because there are several alt coins available in the bitcoin exchanges where you can do trading with BTC pair. Example of these alt coins are,



Sia Coin


These altcoins are known as alternate coins of bitcoin. There many more altcoins available on the exchanges but mentioned here the popular ones only.

You need to just do trading with these altcoins by bitcoin. It is on the basis of Buy Low Sell High formula. It will help to increase the quantity of your bitcoins. Which you can convert in USD or any other Fiat you want.

Bittrex support USD payout it is very convenient to use.

OTC Over The Counter Trading

bitcoin otc trading

OTC trading is known as Over The Counter Trading. It is offline trading of bitcoin. Which do not have any connection with bitcoin exchanges.

You can get the bitcoins buy using your fiat currency in cash. Maximum volume of bitcoin is traded in OTC. It is very effective trading. There are various OTC counters available in different countries like Canada, Japan and United States.

It is like open selling of bitcoin from where you can make money with bitcoin. You can have directly buyer for your bitcoin and also you can sell the buyer at your desired price. While in the bitcoin exchanges you need to sell your bitcoin in current trading price only.

So do trading on OTC platform to make money with bitcoins.

Rent You Bitcoins

how to make money with bitcoin

Bitcoin exchange like poloniex facilitate you to rent you bitcoin for a specific period of time and you can get interest on it. It is also known as Margin Trading.

You just need to rent your bitcoin in bitcoin exchange. The other trader get it from you and then they trade with high volume to get large amount of profit. After getting the profit they pay you interest.

In this margin trading you need to decide for how long you want to rent your bitcoin and also how much quantity and how much interest you want on that.

This is the smart way to make money with bitcoin. Because you need not to do anything. If the person who rent your bitcoin get loss even that he will pay you your interest and your total amount of bitcoin. You just need to have believe on bitcoin exchange.

To provide you this facility bitcoin exchanges charges a small amount of fee. It is transparent process because you need to sign a contract for renting your bitcoins for a specific period of time.

Hold Your Bitcoins

how to make money with bitcoin

This is the best way to make money with bitcoin. Because you need not to do anything in this process. You need to save your bitcoins in safe place. We recommend you to use Bitcoin Hardware Wallet for that. Do not hold your bitcoins on exchange for long period of time.

We all knows bitcoin is based on blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is implanting now a days in every country in every sector. Which indirectly making awareness about cryptocurreny too.

Also Bitcoin futures have launched and Bakkt platform , fidelity market and bitcoin ETF is coming which will make bitcoin price to moon soon.

So in the past various things have happened with bitcoin which increases its price very high and also in future various things are going to happen which will make bitcoin price sudden rise.

Thus we advice you to hold your bitcoins until you get good profit from it.

*this is not professional advice it is personal opinion only*

Conclusion Of how To Make Money With Bitcoin

conclusion make money with bitcoin

The best way of how to make money with bitcoin is just holding them until your profit. You just need to wait for the bull run of bitcoin when large institutional investor seed their money in it and its prices goes moon.

So sell your bitcoins in bull run and then buy it again when its market is very much down below the expectation of ordinary man.

Our recommendation is to hold your bitcoin until Bull Run.

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