How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing ? Affiliation Meaning ?

 Make Money From Affiliate Marketing


There are lot of ways to make money online. In which some are genuine and others are fake ways. People spend their time and dint gets money.

On the other hand we discuss here only genuine ways to make money online based on our researches. So today in this article we are going to cover a genuine source of income to make money online is Affiliate Marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing ?

what is affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the smart way to make money online. It is the well established way to make money online. Because it generates the passive income for you. Affiliate Marketing makes a good amount of money for you.

Very famous bloggers and youtubers are using affiliate marketing to make large amount of money. In which some of youtubers and bloggers are having affiliate marketing as primary source of income. Because it generates the contentious revenue for you.

In affiliate marketing process we need to make sales of affiliate companies by using our own platforms. Where our own platform can be Blog, Youtube Channel, Instagram Page or Facebook Group or page. So we need to promote their products on our own platforms by using affiliate links.

So if somebody clicks on our affiliate link and then they buy something by using that link from affiliate companies then we get paid for every sale. So it is a win win situation for blogger as well as for affiliate partner. There is also a time limit in which your subscriber should buy the product.

Affiliate Marketing commission rates are high rather than we use ads on our website or blog.

This is how Affiliate Marketing Works or affiliation meaning.

How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing ?

Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

There are various affiliate marketing platforms available in the market on which you can do registration. Here are examples of these affiliate companies,

Commission Junction

Click Bank



Steps To Follow,

(1) First you need to sign up on the above affiliate partners.

(2) After doing the registration process then search for the product which you want sell.

(3) Generate the affiliate link for that product. This link can only the URL or URL with image.  It is generally embedded code provided by them. Now copy this link or embedded code.

(4) Now Paste this link in your website or if you are having the youtube channel then paste that link below the description of your video.

Now if someone click on your affiliate link and then buy something then you get paid for that.

In the above mentioned list of affiliate companies commission junction is very good platform for affiliate marketing. Because there are lot of companies available which are making sells through Commission Junction affiliates.

For domain name and hosting industry there are companies like Godaddy, Namecheap and Fatcow etc. So there are multiple things available in the CJ to sell.

Can I Promote Affiliate Link on Multiple platforms ?

social media affiliate marketing

Sure !!!

You can definitely do that !!!

Once you generated you affiliate link then you can promote it on various different platforms like blog, youtube channel, facebbok group and page, instagram page and whatsapp group.

Because affiliate partner recognize only the link you generated. If anyone landing on their platform and buys a product by using your affiliate link you will get paid for that.

So you are free to share your affiliate link to various social media websites.

How Much I Get Paid As Affiliate Commission ?

affiliate commision

The commission rates are different for different affiliate partner. Also it depends upon the product which you are selling.

Generally it is 3 percent for mobile phones and 8 to 12 percentage for books. So you need to check the affiliate partner who is providing you high revenue for selling the products.

There is a list of products with their commission so you need to check that for more details.

How Do I Get Paid From Affiliate Marketers ?

affiliate commission payout

There are various payout method available in their to paid out to their users. These methods are different for different affiliate marketing companies with its different threshold value. These payment methods are

(1) Direct Account Deposite

(2) Pay By Cheque

(3) Paypal

Advantages Of Affiliate Marketing

(1) The commission rates are high for selling products comparative ads on websites.

(2) Buying time duration for subscriber on affiliate website is good it is around 24 hours depends upon the terms and conditions of affiliate partner.

(3) scope of earning is huge it totally depends upon the traffic on your website.

(4) You need not to buy product to sell. You just need to promote the product for selling.

Disadvantages Of Affiliate Marketing

(1) It needs high amount of traffic on your blog or youtube channel to make the sales.

(2) They did not provide you Cost Per Click on their ads if you placed affiliate link or banner on your blog or website. You need to make sale to make money from it.

(3) If someone is doing research for buying a product online. Then he click on your affiliate link and didnt buy for a while. Then he click on other affiliate link or direct link then you will not get paid for that sell.

In other words,

after clicking on your affiliate link. If your visitor click on other’s affiliate link before buying that product while researching. Then recent affiliate link owner will get paid for that not you.


conclusion of  Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is having very vast market for selling of products online. It is used by various social media influencer. They are making lot of money from it.

People earn more affiliate marketing than using your other ads sites. So blogger diverts themselves towards to affiliate marketing. Although it takes time to give sale of product in the starting days of your platform. But if you are having enough amount of traffic and targeting your niche product then you will earn huge amount of money from it.

Suppose you are having a website of mobiles then use mobile phones affiliate links with its accessories to increase the sales.

Thus this is all about Make Money From Affiliate Marketing.

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