How To Sell Photos Online ? How Can You Make Money With Photography ?

Sell Photos Online


sell photos online

Internet industry is full of opportunities. You can sell everything online and you can buy everything online. It is also growing rapidly with providing lots of new opportunities which ordinary people don’t even know. Stock photography is a one of the serious internet business which generate lot of money around the world.

Large number of people are using it as Passive Source Of Income while others as Active Source Of Income.

There are several questions which arises when we talk about sell photos online like,

How to sell Stock Photos?

How To Make Money Online With Photography?

What Are Platforms Available To sell Pictures Online?

And many more. Today in this article we will cover answers of all these questions.

What Skills Are Needed?  Can I Do It?


You need only one thing is to understand the Photography Technique. If you are a beginner then it is not much task for to understand the basics of photography.

Now a days Smartphone’s Camera are very powerful. You can start it with your smartphone camera as well. It is not mandatory to have high quality DSLR cameras because photographer be always inside you.

You need to have basic technical understanding of photography like,

What Is ISO?

What Is Aperture?

What Is FPS?

What Is Shutter Speed?

What Is Subject In Photo?

What Is Object In Photo?


We have mentioned above basic skills required to go for photography. There are many more things required to sell photos online but if you are a beginner then you need to cover all of the above mentioned skills first.

Where To Sell Photos Online & Vectors too?

sell photos

There are lot of platforms available to sell photos online. There are different terms and conditions available for uploading your photos. We are going to share some genuine website only which are effective.

List of platforms available to sell photos online are gives below,








Our recommendation is first go for Shutter Stock website. Because its Alexa Ranking is very good. Its service is very good.

If you want to sell the vectors then in shutterstock you need to select the illustration option in the properties of photo.

Things To Notice Before Uploading Photos To ShutterStock

note down

(1) .Jpeg & .eps files are accepted only.

(2) Photo should be at least of 4 Megapixel

(3) If you are uploading .eps illustrator file then you need to also upload same name .jpeg file too with it.

(4) The photo should not contain any brand name in it.

(5) If there is a person in a photo and his face is showing in it then you need to upload release for this photo to approve.

(6) You need to upload release once only for one person.

(7) If you are uploading Illustration then do not forget to select illustration in properties.

Steps To Sell Pictures On ShutterStock


(1) First you need to sign up for shutter stock website Click Here To Sign Up

(2) Now Verify Your Identity there by uploading there.

(3) Select your payment method Paypal is preferred.

(4) After that click on upload images button in red color.

(5) Now you need to simply drag and drop photos here.

shutter stock steps follow

(6) Then press next button in right down side.

(7) Now your photos will show in “To Submit Tab”


(8) You need to select your photo first which you want to submit.

(9) After selecting the photo in the right hand side it will show properties of photo.

(10) Select “Image Type” = Photo & “Usages”= Commercial

(11) Now write the description about your photo then select the appropriate category for it.

(12) Now select the right keywords for your photo, you can also selected suggested keywords for your photo.

(13) You need to select at least 7 different keyword for your photo.

(14) After completing this your image icon will be green and now press the submit button.

If you are submitting photos first time in your account then it is recommended that submit first time at least 2 photos of high quality. Now these two photos will be reviewed by the shutter stock employs manually and if your photo is good then it will be approved. It takes 1 to 3 days to approve your photo.

Once your photos are selected then you gets approved account to submit more photos online.

What Rejections Reasons Can Be Of A Photo?


(1) If Your photo contains a Brand Name in it.

(2) If your is over exposed.

(3) If your subject is not focused in photo.

(4) If your photo description contains word of other language rather than english.

(5) If you by mistake uploaded same photo twise.

(6) If there is noise available in photo.

(2) If there is raster in your illustration vector.

Tips For Selling Photo Online


(1) Update your portfolio regular because it lists your photo up in search engines.

(2) Use Adobe Photoshop For reducing the noise in photo.

(3) Select near about 24 keywords of photo for shutterstock.

(4) Research for current news, upcoming festivals and trending topics and upload photos of these niches.

(5) Always try to include person in a photo because its sale rate is very high than objects only.

(6) Always try to upload a product’s buy sell photos because it sales fastly than others.

Conclusion Of How To Sell Photos Online?


There are various platform available in the market for selling the photos as well as vectors too. We have listed above genuine platforms only. Selling photos online is a good source of passive income. Many photographers are doing it full time work they have many accounts on different different websites and uploaded their work once and generating passive income for them.

Shutterstock is one of the good websites for selling photos online. The selling price of a single photo can vary between few cents to 100 US Dollars. It depend upon your creativity about the photo.

You should use adobe Photoshop for cropping, resizing and reducing the noise of photo. Also adobe illustrator for vectors. Because these premium tools although consume the time but support a lot for selling your photo by improving the photo quality.

You just need to start to sell photos online once then you will understand the negative point of your photography based upon the rejection of photos and then improve your photo and upload again to get it approved by these platforms. Because these platform let you know rejection reasons which is the good way to learning the stock photography for beginners.

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image reference : shutterstock

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