What Is Infographics ? How to Make An Infographic Or Infographic Maker ?

what is infographics

Introduction Of Infogrphics

In this online Research Era technology is growing rapidly and implementing contentiously. So we need to stay up to date about new technology and new techniques which will help us for making money online very easy.

Once you started to learn these new marketing techniques then you can sell everything on internet. So today here is the one more subject to make money online with Infographics.

Selling infographics online as well as offline can generate your revenue rapidly. So lets now discuss about what is infographics ? and How to Make An Infographic Or Infographic Maker ? etc.

What Is Infographics ?

what is infographics

As shown above, it is the INFOGRAPHIC. Combination of INFORMATION and GRAPHICS is known as INFOGRAPHIC.  This is the best example for What Is Infographic.

in other words,

Graphically presentation of information is called the infographic. It can also be called as New Marketing Technology.

It can be wide and long too, to represent the continuous information step by step. There are various tools available online and offline to make infographics.

How to Make An Infographic Or Infographic Maker ?

infograhic maker

As we discussed above there are various infographic maker available online as well as offline to make an infogiraphics. Here is the list of these Infographic Maker,

(1) Canva

(2) Piktophoto

(3) Core Draw

(4) Adobe Illustrator

(5) Visme

Although these tools are multipurpose tools but are considering here these for inforgraphic usecase only. Lets talk about these infographic makers step by step,

(1) Canva Infographic Maker

This is online infographic maker tool. There are some templates which you can find after signing up on canva website. You can use these templates and start making your infograhics.

This tool is expensive one. But the benefits is that you need not to install this tool in your PC or Laptop. This is user friendly tool.

This tool is available in Cloud which we use as SAS or Software As A Service.

(2) Piktophoto Infographic Maker

This is online tool to make infographics. It  is also having free version as well as paid version. Free version is good for starting point of view but if you want to go for professional infographics then you need to buy this tool

Because it is expensive than canva tool. It is also having templates you need to just fill the information in the templates and just need to readjust these templates.

It save our time to make infographics. If you are a studend then you can get this tool just for around $39.99 only for one year. This is also user friendly tool.

This tool is also available in Cloud which we use as SAS (Software As A Service).

infographics maker

(3) Corel Draw Infographic Maker

This is offline tool to make inforgraphics. This is multipurpose tool. But it is good for infographics too. We suggest you to go for this tool in case you want more freedom in your designs.

Although this tool is not that much user friendly but you need to learn this tool first to start your inforgraphic work. It will take time to make infographic but will provide you more freedom in your infographics solutions.

You can import different images and icons in this tool to make your infographics.

(4) Adobe Illustrator Infographic Maker

This is the one of the best tool to make infographics offline. You need to have high RAM as well as CPU power to run this tool with great hard disc space. Because this is heavy tool.

But its quality is better than expected. Its intuitive GUI is very good. But to use this tool you need to first learn it deeply. Because there are various options available to do single task. It need to have at least 8 GB RAM to use this tool properly. If you want to make 3D infographics then this tool is good for you.

There are various free youtube videos available online to learn adobe illustrator. There are several icons already available inside this tool which you can easily use for your infographics. You can also import other icons in this tool.

Why Infographics are Famous Today ?

Why Infographics are Famous

Infographics are famous because lot of internet users wants to watch videos online instead of reading text. Human beings learns large number of things quickly by audio visual techniqe. Also human being like to see photos and icons instead of text.

So infographic is solution for those users who want to read and learn from visual things. Which make great engagement to users. Also people like to share infographics instread of text.

It have been seen in research that 87% of people like to read and understand infographics. So it have became user friendly. It is widely adopted. People supported it and shared inforgraphics on social media.

Now this technique have became a great tool for Search Engine Optimization point of view. Because it is now widely adopted by bloggers and website owner to make more engagement of people.

How We Can Get Benefits Of Infographics ?

If you are a content creator or article writer then infographic is good solution for you to engage your audience with your content. Also if you are working in a company and you need to give a seminar on a particular topic then infographics is best solution for you. because you can graphically represent your information to your visitors.

There are various designers which are getting benefits of infographics by selling to companies directly as per their need.  SEO service providers are also getting benefits from this technique to build high quality links on other websites.


infographics conclusion

Infographics are called the single representation of information with graphics. Infographics industry is booming from last 1 and half year because it is providing good results to content creators and SEO service providers etc. Because it makes your Text content more user friendly which people like to read and to understand it.

There are some video infographics available which makes things more easy to understand because graphics are moving with audio. The cost of professional infographic vary from $50 to $300. Even sometimes more than that because it is new industry and growing too. So people are not having much information about it. But its output is very good.

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