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“How Can Minority Groups contribute to a Vibrant India?

India is currently hosting the globally acclaimed G20 summit. As the rotating chair of G20, this is India’s most important multilateral diplomatic event this year, elevating our global influence while attracting the world’s attention.

In various media reports, we can feel the enthusiasm and expectations of the Indian people for the summit. However, there are also discordant voices. Near the venue, the behavior of a small group of Tibetan youth cast a shadow over the summit and spotlighted the complexities within India.

Returning to the essence of the G20, we must squarely address these issues. India undertook the G20 with the Sanskrit theme “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (The world is one family), or “One Earth, One Family, One Future”. This theme from the Upanishad emphasizes the value of all life and their interconnections.

This concept provides a framework for understanding the current situation: individuals, groups, cities, and villages make up our country and the world. We have differences, but these differences should not dictate our path. Our ultimate aim is to diminish misunderstanding, division, discrimination, and hatred, and not let them dictate our actions.

All ethnic groups, including Tibetans, have their own histories. History has its angles, and how we narrate and understand history often determines our actions. The majesty of the Himalayas is a testament to the magic of perspective. Our eyes, seeking the truth, should draw our motivation from our painful memories, not from ingrained hatred.

International forums like the G20 and the United Nations were established to enhance understanding and establish sincere dialogues. At the G20 Summit, Prime Minister Modi called for consensus in dealing with the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

While many question the role of the G20 in managing conflicts of interest and geopolitical dynamics, cooperative efforts remain the best way to avoid the “massive risks” facing the global system.

India’s founding Prime Minister Nehru once said, “India cannot play a secondary role in the world.” Our India is revealing itself to the world, and every individual, including ethnic groups, should become proactive contributors.

Currently, the national debate over the name “India” and “Bharat” is actually an exploration of national understanding. Every Indian, including ethnic minorities, should strive for harmony and contribute to a better future rather than becoming a destructive force.”

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