Blockchain Domain Names Web 3.0 Have Launched To Make Money – A Revolution In Domain Name Industry After .com or Web 2.0

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As fast as Technical Era is revolving there are huge futuristic opportunities to make money online easily. On Login Research we continuously update and discuss about new technologies and how can you make money from them as earlier you adopt it.

Earlier we have discussed about Traditional Domain Names also about Bitcoin’s Blockchain Technology.

So today in this article we will cover Blockchain Domain Names from scratch. So that everyone can understand it easily and make money from it. Lets now discuss about it

What Are Blockchain Domain Names ?

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A Domain Name is your electronic address for a particular company or a service through which you are identifiable on internet.

But Blockchain Domain Names are totally different from Traditional Domain Names. Because these are based on Blockchains. Where these blockchains can be Bitcoin’s Blockchain, Etherum’s Blockchain or Zilica Blockchain etc.

So, What is Blockchain Technology ?

Blockchain Technology is new independent, powerful and secure technology to make various applications on it. These applications provides you powerful security and trust worldwide.

Where these applications are Bitcoin , Blockchain Domain Names and Decentralized Concurrency Exchanges etc.

Thus blockchain domain names seems like traditional domain names but based on different technology.

Blockchain Domain Names Can’t Access On Chrome Browser ?

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YES , These Domain Names can’t access on normal internet browser. You need to use different web browser to access these new technology based domain names.

You need to use special dedicated web browsers to access it. Alternativelly you can use blockchain technology supported web browsers like Opera Web Browser.

On the other hand you need to install specific Add on in your chrome web browser to access these domain names.

How To Buy Blockchain Domain Names ?

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Very Simple,

You need to access this website named as Unstopabble Domain Names as mentioned above.

Then sign up on this website. Search for your unique domain name. Current this website is providing two domain name extensions



Where .crypto is more famous domain name extension. Start search for good domain name. Right now very good domain names are available in this market because it is very new.

So you can register now and can make money like .com in 90s.

How To Make Money From Blockchain Domain Names ?

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If you want to make money from blockchain domain names then you need trade these domain names. You need to buy it , list it for sale then make profit from it.

Follow these steps to make money from these domain names,

(1) Buy a good quality domain name from here

(2) Then claim your domain name by adding your wallet address in it.

(3) List your domain name on OpenSea

What Are Features Of Block Chain Domain Names ?

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(1) No any renewal Fee is charged. Buy once have it forever.

(2) It provides Masking to lengthy cryptocurrency wallet addresses. So that we can read easily.

(3) Easy to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments.

(4) You can develop website on it.

(5) Any Govt entity in the world can not shutdown your website

(6) No any censorship will on your website content.

(7) These are easy To Transfer.


conclusion of blockchain domain names

If you want to be early bird then it is the right time for you to register a good BC domain name. So that you can sell it later when it is required. Also until then you can run a auction on this domain name.

You can make money like people registered .com domain names. Now technology have given one more chance to you for registration. Dont Miss it.

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