What Is Domain Parking ? How To Make Money With Domain Name Parking ?

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Although there are various ways for making money online. Domain Parking is also one of them. It is very easy process to park your domain name. You just need to be a good researcher on various topics. These topics can be technical as well as social topics.

So if you are a good researcher on new and different kinds of topic then domain name parking is for you and you are at right place now to learn more about it.

Before understanding the domain name parking lets have a look at what Domain Name is,

What Is Domain Name


domain-name parking

Technically a domain name is a unique public IP address. Which we see in the letter form.

In simple words,

A Domain Name is your website name which you see in the address bar of a explorer. For Example,

Website Name = Domain Name = LoginResearch.com

So what is domain name parking lets understand it.

What Is Domain Parking ?

domain parking

After buying a Domain Name you park it on parking platform, is called the Domain Parking. There are various parking platforms available to park your domain name.

After parking a domain name the parking websites puts ads on these domain names to generate revenue from them. They share some percentage of revenue with you.

The parked domain names are undeveloped domain names after buying it the owner park it on domain name parking website to generate revenue from it.

So if someone open your parked domain name and then click on any ad of your domain name then you gets revenue for that. It depends on how many clicks he have done.

What Are Domain Parking Platforms ?

There are various domain name parking platforms available listed below,





In the list above Afternic and Voodoo are the two very good parking websites. You can also go for BODIS where payout threshold is low.

What Is The Process To Park Your Domain Name On Parking Platforms ?

To park your domain name on above mentioned domain name marketplace you need to follow the steps,

(1) First do sign up on above domain name parking platforms.

(2) Add your domain name now in these parking platforms.

(3) After adding the domain name they will provide you DNS. Domain Name Servers Primary and Secondary.

(4) Now open your domain name registrar account and change the existing domain name server to new domain name servers provided by domain name marketplace.

(5) After sometime your domain name will start showing ads. Thats it now you are ready to make money from domain name parking.

The DNS Shifting time duration depends upon the registrar.

Which Domain Name Should We Select for Parking?

select domain name for domain name parking

This is very good question if you want to generate good money from parking. If you are buying a domain name for parking purpose only then there are various ways to select a domain name for parking mentioned below,

(1) Buy Expired Domain Name

(2) Buy Generic Word Domain Name

(3) Misspelled Domain Names

(4) Buy High CPC Domain Name


(1) Buy Expired Domain Name

This is very good idea if you are going to buy a expired domain name for parking. Because a expired domain name have a good traffic rather than a newly hand registered domain name.

A expired domain name have good alexa ranking as well as good domain authority. Before selecting a expired domain name make sure it was developed previously from Way Back Machine Tool.

(2) Buy Generic Word Domain Name

You should always try to buy a generic domain name for parking purpose. Because a generic or organic domain name is easy to remember and people type it often.

But these one word generic domain names are vary expensive because all of these domain names are already purchased by domain name brokers or sellers.

(3) Misspelled Domain Names

This is also a good idea of buying a misspelled domain names. Because people often do spelling mistakes in typing a domain name. Which results they land on parking websites then they click there to open content then ADS are opened.

Which generates the revenue for domain name parking companies as well as for domain owner.

Keep in mind one thing that do not ever buy a domain name which is similar or exact match of a brand. If you do so then you can get in trouble.

(4) Buy High CPC Domain Name

Always select to buy a domain name for parking which is having good CPC. CPC means Cost Per Click. So you will earn more from parking.

How To Earn high From Domain Name Parking?

earn high from domain name parking

There are two ways for generating a high revenue from parking mentioned below,

(1) High CPC Domain Name

(2) High Traffic


(1) High CPC Domain Name

As we have discussed above always buy a domain name which is having Cost Per Click. To do so you need to open the google ad word keyword tool and search for different kinds of terms for which advertisers are paying high.

It doesnt matter is you select a long tail keyword. You need to do just focus on how much advertisers are paying money for that keyword. If it is high then go for it and buy a domain name of that keyword.

Now park your domain name in domain name parking marketplace. Then insert the proper keyword in it do the proper seo for your parked domain name page. It should look light in color and user friendly.

There are various templates available in these parking marketplace where you can select a good template for parking a domain name. After doing all of these things if someone land to your parked domain name and if he or she clicks on any ad then you will get high revenue for that click.

So in this way minimum number or click generate maximum amount of money.

(2) High Traffic

To generate good amount of revenue from your parking, you need to have good traffic to that domain name. If this traffic is organic traffic then it is very good for parking point of view.

So a previously developed domain name that have now expired can give you good amount of direct traffic. Which will help you to generate more revenue from parking.


If you are doing domain name parking then keep in mind one thing only then never ever try to click on your own domain name’s ads. Which will be counted as bad traffic to your domain name. Also it will decrease your revenue also your account will be suspended.

Parking companies do not want that kind of bad or low quality traffic on their ads. Which does loss of their advertisers.

So do it in organic way you try to use different attractive template to generate more revenue.

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