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There are lot of ways to make money online. Out of them some are genuine and others are not. You need to choose the right platform to go with.

You have heard about many times about how to sell photos online and how to make money by selling photos online. We also have explained about it in our other articles.

But some people are good for capturing photo and others are good in editing photos. A stock photo seller should have both qualities.

How Can I Sell Photos Online and Make Money ?

So if you are tired of capturing photos and editing in them. Then you can go for illustrations.

So what about Illustrations now…? What are they and how we can make money from illustrations? Each and everything we are going to discuss below step by step.

What Is illustration ?

What Is illustration

Illustrations are the designs and drawings which you artificially draw by using some software.

So we need to draw the illustrations in computer. It is up to you what kind of illustration you want to draw. You can draw the illustration of any object like man, table, tree and sky etc.

It can also be called as artificial drawing. Which explain the object by means of diagrams.

There are basically two kinds of illustrations available like 2 Dimensional Illustration and 3 Dimensional Illustration.

2D illustrations are very easy to make by software. But in case of 3D illustrations it takes logics and efforts. So Lets now discuss about how to make Illustrations ?

How To Make Illustrations ?

How To Make Illustrations

To make the illustrations there is no need to have any kind of camera. It is the main advantage of illustrations.

You just need to have software to make the illustrations. We recommend you to use the anyone of these below mentioned softwares,

(1) Adobe Illustrator

(2) Corel Draw

If you are a new in this illustration area then you need to first go for Coreldraw. It is easy to use software. Also it provides good quality of illustrations.

Otherwise if you want to use more professional tool to make your illustrations then you can go for Adobe Illustrator. It is a bit heavy software and little complex to understand in compare with coreldraw.

But Adobe Illustrator is also a good software to make your illustrations.

So above mentioned these two software you can easily use to make your illustrations. Then you can easily sell these illustrations online.

How To Make Money By Selling Illustrations ?

How To Make Money By Selling Illustrations

Once you have created your illustration then you can save it in .EPS or .jpeg extension.

Then you need to upload it into the stock agencies like Shutterstock and Adobe. So open you shutterstock contributor account where you submit your photos.

The submission process of illustration is same like photo submission but with one small changes. You need to select the illustration button at the time of submitting.

The people who are new to shutterstock. Let me tell you that this is stock agency. Where you can sell your photos, Illustrations and videos online.

Let me know how can i sell photos on shutterstock ?

So finally the submission process is same like photo submission. Once it is submitted and approved by your agency now your illustration is read to sell online by agencies.

One thing which we need to keep in mind here is that when you are submitting your 3D illustration in stock agency then do not forget to select the keyword 3D Illustration there. It will help you to approve your photo.

What Are Benefits Of Selling Illustrations ?

What Are Benefits Of Selling Illustrations

There are lot benefits of selling illustrations online in compared with photos selling online. We are describing below,

(1) No Need Of Professional Camera

This is one of the major benefits in terms of illustration. Because in drawing of illustration there is no need of any professional or non professional camera. It save your money and time as well.

Because illustrations you need to draw on the laptop or computers only by using software for that. So you can draw what you want.

While in case of online photos selling you need to buy a camera and click the photos.

(2) Outdoor

If you are making a illustration then there is no need for you go outside room and capture some beautiful shots by using your camera.

You just need to sit in front of computer and need to draw what come in your mind. So there is no any kind of need for physical efforts.

(3) Imagination Limitation

In case of photo selling you need to capture what you see or what your eyes see only. So there is some limitation.

While in case of illustration there is no limitation you can draw what you want. You can draw what thoughts comes in your mind. You can explains these thoughts by signs and symbols or by drawing in your illustration.

So there is no limit of your imagination. Your content is unlimited. You can draw what you want to.

(4) Pixels

If you are making the illustration by using your own tools used in software then you need not to worry about its pixels. Because anything we draw in these professional softwares we can get it in high resolution.

While in case of photo capturing the pixels depend upon the camera quality and zoon etc. So there is some limitation in terms of photo selling.


conclusion Of Illustration

Illustrations are also having very large marketplace in online selling stuff. Because illustrations are beautiful and they looks a bit professional than photos.

Illustrations are easy to understand in terms of study. The illustration can be a single object or a group of different objects and Texts too. Illustrations can be virtual photos of any object.

If you are selling illustrations on shutterstock then illustrations also generates the same amount of money as photos generates.

If you are designing the graphics, row or arrays and diagrams then illustration is good for you. Because you can draw these things by using your own tools in high pixels.

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