Make Your $5 Instantly Just By Downloading A Brave Browser & Every Month Too. Make Money With Brave Browser ?

What Is Brave Browser ?

features of brave browser

Brave Browser is a next generation internet browser. It was developed by the Mozilla Co-founder. It is very fast and secure browser & actively working in 4.5 Million devices.

Brave is profitable for content creators and content consumers too. It is open source software.

It gives you money in various currencies like USD and INR or BAT TOKENS which you can easily withdraw from your wallet to your band account.

Brave is chromium based web browser.

Follow The Steps To Get Your $5 Instantly Make Money With Brave

(1) Download The Brave Browser In your laptop or Desktop From Here.

download brave browser

(2) Install This Browser Now press Next and Next then you will get this window shown below,

enable brave reward make money with brave

(3) Now click On Enable Reward . Then a new Tab will open then click on YES I’M IN. It will create a personal wallet for you to credit.

brave create wallet

(4) Now see upper side of window. CLAIM your reward BAT TOKENS as shown below,

bat token claim

(5) Now Complete your captcha by placing Traingle in right position as said.

bat captcha

(6) Now you see you received 40 BAT TOKENS in your account. These 40 BAT TOKENS are having the worth of $5.

40 bat token

Every Month you can claim again to get more BAT TOKENS.

NOTE : If in case you are not seeing the option of BAT TOKEN CLAIM then do not worry. Keep it installed in your computer or mobile then recheck after some days it will be available there to CLAIM.

Now how to withdraw these BAT TOKENS explained below.

How To Withdraw $5 BAT TOKENS ?

You can withdraw these BAT TOKEN just by simply signing up for BRAVE Publisher Account. Follow the steps to do it

(1) Sign Up for Brave Account Now from Here.

(2) After successful Sign Up you will get the dashboard like this,

brave publisher dashboard

(3) Now you see currently there is zero BAT TOKENS, But every month on 8th date you will be credited automatically with BAT TOKENS. This is your main account.

(4) Now you need to add your Youtube Channel or Website or Twitch Account as referral. You can add your youtube account as referral. No need to have any subscribers.

(5) Now open your youtube channel or website in brave browser. Then you need to send the Tip to your channel or website. For that you need to go to right hand side of address bar of brave browser.

Then click on the Traingle ICON. A new window will open like this,

brave tip

(6) Then Click on Send A TIP a new window will open then like this,

brave bat send tip

(7) Then select 10 BAT TOKENS & check mark the SET MONTHLY TIP. Do this four time send your complete 40 BAT TOKENS in your brave publisher account instantly.

(8) Now after 20 minutes check your brave publisher dashboard you will get all your BAT Tokens. It will look like this,

bat tokens

(9) Now Sign Up for Uphold account in the brave dashboard and connect it with brave account.

Then every month on the 8th date you will get your brave tokens in your uphold account.

(10) Now you can convert your BRAVE TOKENS in USD or INR in Uphold account. You can also transfer them to your band accounts.

(11) You can also send your BAT TOKENS from Uphold account to any exchange account of crypto currency.

If someone downloaded brave browser from your referral link then you will get reward for that at 30th day. Remember that your referral should not delete the brave till 30 days from his computer.

While you can send the Tips instantly to your brave dashboard account from any website or twitch or youtube channel.

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What Are These BAT TOKENS ?

make money with brave bat token

BAT TOKEN is called the Basic Attention Token. It is the cryptocurrency developed by the Brave Browser Team. Which is used for micro payments by the content consumers to content creators.

BAT TOKEN uses the blockchain technology to make their payments instantly. Its transfer charges are very low as compare to FIAT currency.

Thus BAT TOKEN itself is a cryptocurrency like other Sia Coin , Bitcoin , Cardano and Etherum etc.

So there is fluctuation in the BAT TOKEN like other Cryptocurrencies. It is traded by large number of people in various cryptocurrency exchanges.

What Is The Use Case Of BAT TOKENS ?

BAT TOKEN can be used in two ways as explained below,

(1) Micro Payments

As we have explained above BAT TOKEN is used in micro payments in brave browser. It is the very practical use case of BAT TOKEN for which it was developed.

So by tipping the publisher from subscribers the publisher make money with brave browser. Because subscriber like the publisher’s content and found it helpful for them.

(2) Trading Platforms

BAT TOKEN is the cryptocurrency so it is used in the various trading platforms like Binance Exchange , Bittrex Exachange and Poloniex Exhanges etc.

So it is traded with various pairs like BTC , USDT and INR etc. cryptocurrency trading is also the good way to make money with brave token.

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What Are Features Of Brave Browser ?

what is brave browser

(1) It is very fast browser for surfing the stuff online.

(2) It is very secure web browser. Because it disable the trackers of the website. So that you can not be tracked while surfing on the web.

(3) It is profitable for content creators and their subscribers too. Both can earn money just by surfing on brave browser.

(4) It save your time in surfing by blocking unwanted lengthy scripts.

(5) It blocks the ads of website which results saving of your data charges.

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What Is Business Concept Behind Brave Browser ?

Until now only publishers were getting revenue of ads on their websites. While the customer who is consuming the content and watching ads were not getting any kind of revenue from ads.

But Brave browser come up with new concept that both publisher and subscriber can get the revenue by the ads.

Now subscribers who are liking the content sending a small amount of tip to publishers. Also subscribers are generating the revenue for viewing the ads.

So it is giving boost to the use case of BAT TOKENS. Which results more revenue in business. This is the concept behind this business from which you make money with brave browser.



BRAVE is a company which introduced new ways to solve the people’s problem while surfing the internet. Brave introduced their web browser which is secure , fast and profitable for time saving purpose too.

It uses the blockchain technology to make their payments fast , secure and easy to use. So it is working as decentralized platform for both content creators and their subscribers.

Currently Brave referral is supporting three major platforms like Websites , Youtube and Twitch.

Thus this is all about how to make money with brave browser.

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